3 Best Military Banks and Credit Unions of 2018

Pentagon Federal Credit Union

When it comes to the best banking services in USA in terms of military banks and Credit Unions Pentagon Federal Credit Unions though it’s not the biggest one it still caters the needs of large users. You can apply only if you’re in the military or a related family member or if you’re an employee of the US government or qualifying organizations like American Red Cross or other government contractors.

If in case you don’t fall into those categories, still you can become eligible by joining one of the two charities namely the National Military Family Association or Voices for America’s Troops, they call for $17 donation to join.

 Services provided are quite consumer friendly for checking and savings accounts by PenFed’s. they offer free and open access to over 6800 ATMs through the All point and Co-op networks one of the largest free-fee ATM networks in the US. But in case you need to visit a branch, you need to be present in the Washington D.C. area or nearby military bases in the U.S. and abroad.

Service Credit Union

Our next options is the Service Credit Union New Hampshire based offering military checking accounts that don’t charge any monthly maintenance fees or have minimum balance requirements.

Their saving and share certificate accounts comes with promotional rates for active duty military and certain members along with other affordable balance minimums. It comes without bonus rates their service federal credit union’s five year certificates are above average earnings 2.0% APY.

 These credit unions are open to active duty veterans and military current and defense department employees and people who live in or around New Hampshire and their family members can qualify for membership. If you’re affiliated with the military, it is in your best interest to make it a top priority to serve you as a member of their community.


USAA is one of the best banks in America started as an automation insurer since 1920. They have expanded their services for general insurance and banking services. The company has always been the pioneer globally using technology to reach and serve the users. With simple and easy banking services generating their USAA routing number are easy and simple. They’re known for reaching the wider audience using phone, mail and internet technology. With 3.8 million customers and three branches in San Antonio, they’re more or less online banking service providers. Their superiority lies in removing a lot of little pain points which together make banking with large banks a pain.

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