Fixes to the Most Hateful Internet Problems Encountered By Users

In case you have reached our post, it signifies that you love surfing or using the internet on a regular basis. If you do, there are a lot of problems which you might be going through while using the internet. On many occasions you get really irritated with some or the other things that pop-up while you are reading something.

At times, you also acquire some or the other problems which are related to your web browser. Today, we are going to tell you some of the fixes that you can make to encounter the common problems faced by users online.

Opening Pictures Takes Way Too Much Time

Accessing the images provided on a webpage at times can take a lot of time; therefore, we are going to tell you a fix for your problem. In Google Chrome, to solve this problem, you just need to install the Hover Zoom extension using which you won’t require clicking on the image to view it in full size.

Network Connection Errors

When your connection isn’t in a good shape, you often get DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET in Chrome, which is an error related to the firewall settings or the internet connection. You can get rid of this issue by switching off and on the router.

Advertisements are Really Annoying

Getting ads on your favorite websites might sometimes be really irritating. Thus, the AdBlock extension provided by Google Chrome will take away all the advertisement misery so that you have nice time reading your favorite blogs.

Facebook Doesn’t Look Good

The extension named Social Fixer for Facebook merges an icon on the top of your Facebook, which is going to provide a large box of customizations that you won’t normally get. Using this, you will be able to hide the political posts on your feed and splitting your news feed into tabs.

Have Too Many Passwords to Recollect

The extension named LastPass is an amazing password manager, which is going to retain the passwords you need and even categorize them. After installing it, the only thing that you need to remember is the LastPass password.

Want a Larger than Standard Screenshot

If you want to take a screenshot, which is going to be larger than the customary size of a screenshot, then you will have to get Awesome Screenshot. It is a screen capping tool that permits you to take a screenshot of the entire webpage or even a small portion of the webpage.

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