Shows Similar to Dragon Ball Super Series

Dragon ball super needs no introduction in the world of entertainment. It’s so famous and loved for all the right reasons. When it comes to entertainment the more is better so here’s why we’ve come up with few other shows which are just as entertaining as Dragon ball super to increase the dose of entertainment.

But before we get into other series we want you to know that dragon ball super episode 126 is going to create waves just like it did in the initial days.

Series like Dragon ball super


Lastman is a fresh and innovative animated series in the niche of crime, boxing and a secret organization of super-powered villains!

It is nothing but a perfect blend of action, comedy, and drama that really shines out with the help of some of the great character with dialogue and writing. The characters in this series are so powerful and determined that they can do anything to achieve their goals. And, they make it very clear with through their actions and dialogues. The upcoming fan of Dragon ball super episode 126 will surely love the cool interesting and villain forms of characters that audience will appreciate.

Master of the Flying Guillotine

Flying Guillotine is another super famous Taiwanese martial arts movie. These series are beautifully choreographed along with intense fight which is ready enough to watch the series. These martial niche based series are a huge influence on the dragon ball universe. It is a great fight when it comes to choreography exploring influences on the series.

Lastman and Flying Guillotine both are very famous series when it comes to entertainment and surely great for adventure lovers.

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